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Florence Hotel Alba Palace
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****Special offer******
****Special offer******
Spend 3 nights! You offer a DISCOUNT COUPON for Euro 20.00 valid for our minibar, bike hire, or discounts on partner restaurants!
***** Souvenir of Florence *****
***** Souvenir of Florence *****
Treat yourself to a beautiful Souvenir of Florence!

Stay 3 nights and we offer a souvenir of Florence a bottle of Tuscan wine and a scount of 7 %!!!
***Not Refundable Rate***
***Not Refundable Rate***
Not Refundable Rate: 13% discount with immediate payment by credit card.

Cancellation and changes are not allowed, in case of advanced departures the amount of the entire stay will be charged.

***** Celebrate your special occasion at  Hotel Alba Palace!*****
***** Celebrate your special occasion at Hotel Alba Palace!*****
Celebrate your special occasion at Hotel Alba Palace!

We offer a bottle of sparkling wine and a discount of 7% on room rates
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Palazzo Pitti
Palazzo Pitti

The original idea and construction of Pitti Palace was due to a wealthy Florentine Banker back in the mod 1400's; Luca Pitti.
Pitti wanted to build a palace better and bigger than that of the famous and prominent Medici Palace where his friend Cosimo de' Medici lived. Sadly, Luca Pitti found himself in great financial difficult and never saw the building completed before his death in 1472.
His family, however, continued with the plan and managed to maintain the estate up until 1549 when a descendant of Luca, Bonaccorso Pitti, had no choice but to sell the palace, and ironically, it was sold to the wife of Cosimo I of the Medici's, Eleonora of Toledo of Tuscany.
Very soon after, the elaborate gardens behind the villa were created, better known today as the Boboli Gardens.
The Medici's lived in Pitti Palace until the fall of their dynasty in 1737 when it became the Austrian House of Lorraine.
In 1869, Pitti Palace became the House of Savoy and was resided in by King Vittorio Emanuele II until 1871. Nearly fifty years later, the king's grandson, Vittorio Emanuele III, donated Pitti Palace to his country. From that time the palace began to be divided into separate galleries and museums which today host numerous priceless collections of art including paintings, sculptures done by well known artists like Raphael, Titan, Correggio and Reubans just to name a few.

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