Located in the heart of the historic centre just a short walk from the main tourist attractions, behind the ancient cloisters of Santa Maria Novella behind the Central Station, Hotel Alba Palace stands between the palaces of the former monastery of the Holy Conception and the former Dominican convent of Santa Maria Novella. Today, thanks to the restoration works, the ancient sacredness and modernity coexist within its walls in perfect harmony.

The rooms overlook the bright inner courtyard protected by the glass ceiling, where you can have breakfast or sip a good aperitif, the interiors reflect the traditional Florentine houses in antique terracotta and wrought iron. Our guests can enjoy the best standards of comfort and enjoy their stay in complete relaxation.

Our staff is ready to take care of your every need and to give you every necessary information. Customer care is our priority, and we show it every day with dedication to constantly improving our services, keeping us updated to offer you the best of quality.